Elodie is a fresh new approach to photo management which actually works

Elodie neatly organizes your entire photo (and video) library with 100% predictability so you'll always know exactly where to look to find the photo you're searching for.

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EXIF-Based Folder Structure

Every single photo is organized precisely based off its EXIF data so you'll know exactly where to find the photo you're looking for.
Every · Single · Time.

Cloud Storage Not Required

Organize your photos on your laptop, USB drive, NAS or anywhere you store files. Works with Dropbox and Google Drive.
Your · Photos · Your · Choice.

No Propietary Database

Other photo organizers use propietary databases to store information about your photos instead of relying on metadata.
Like · I · Do.

What Makes Elodie Amazing?

Let us tell you why we believe Elodie is the simplest and most elegant photo organizer you'll ever use.


Clean & Minimal Design

Elodie places every one of your photos into the exact folder they belong. It's so good at this that it doesn't bother wasting time having less important features.

Future Proof

No Dependencies On Anything

Elodie frees your photo (and video) library by relying on common standards like your file system and EXIF. Once your photos are organized you won't need to use Elodie again; until you have more photos to organize.

Cloud Compatible

Works with Google Drive, Google Photos and Dropbox

If you use a cloud service for your photos then Elodie can be configured to work with them while retaining all the benefits of organizing your photos using EXIF.

Eliminate Duplicate Photos

No Longer Store 4 Copies Of The Same Photo In Separate Folders

Elodie seamlessly weeds out duplicate photos from your photo collection so you can enjoy a less cluttered library of your memories.

Protect Against Bitrot & Datarot

Be Notified If Any Of Your Photos Become Corrupted

Coming soon. Elodie keeps track of every pixel in every photo and can tell you if even a single pixel gets damanged by normal wear and tear of your hard drives.

Endless Customization

You Envision a Folder Structure and Elodie Makes It Happen

Coming soon. You can tell Elodie to organize your photos in any folder structure imaginable using dates, names of cities and states or custom albums. All using EXIF.

Frequent and Common Questions

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1 How does Elodie determine what folder a photo should be placed?

Elodie looks at each photo's EXIF data and applies a series of rules to determine which folder it should be placed. The default folder structure is YYYY-MM/City Name. Additionally, Elodie will use the EXIF to create a standardized file name for every photo across your entire library.

What this means is that all of your folders will be naturally sorted in every file browser by earliest to latest and so will your photos. It seems trivial but once you have tens of thousands of photos organized this way you'll be really happy.

2 What if some of my photos don't have EXIF?
Elodie uses sane defaults and will fall back to non-EXIF information to make the best possible decision to place the photo in an appropriate folder.
3 Can I change or add EXIF information after Elodie has already organized a photo into a folder?

Coming soon. Elodie makes it easy to modify the EXIF of a photo including adding EXIF which did not previously exist. The photo will then be automatically reorganized and placed into the proper folder based on its new EXIF.

This is especially useful because it becomes easy to perform some very common tasks.

  • Add dates to scanned photos.
  • Add location to dSLR photos.
  • Shift the time on photos which were taken in another time zone while on vacation.
4 How is Elodie compatible with Dropbox, Google Drive and Google Photos?

Since you can configure Elodie to store your photos anywhere you'd like you can configure it to organize the photos into your Dropbox or Google Drive folder. This means they'll not only be backed up and organized on your laptop but they'll also be organized the same way in your preferred cloud service.

In order to get your photos to also show up in Google Photos you'll need to follow these instructions to have them work together.

5 What if I don't like the default folder structure and file name which Elodie uses?
Coming soon. While we've spent a lot of time coming up with the defaults and believe they're extremely useful you may have your own structure you'd like to use. You can customize the folder structure using a variety of metadata contained in your photos' EXIF including date, location, camera make & model, album, title, etc.

What Others are Saying

Don't take our word for it. Read what others have said about Elodie's unique approach to organizing photos. We're humbled by the feedback we've received so far from our users.

Yes, they're all real people.